Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Freelance in India and Top Freelance Skills in 2017

Fifteen Million is the number of freelancers working in India right now, a slight paltry figure yet only second to the Uno US (53 million).But the most important aspect of these numbers is that: Of all the freelance jobs available in the world market, these 15 million freelancers claim a share of 40%, a clear manifestation of the dominant Indian workforce.
Indian with all its humongous population is undoubtedly the largest creator of skilled professionals. The currency difference also renders a cost effective freelance service in IT related fields too. Apart from the foreign freelance market, there also has been considerable growth in the Indian market as well.    Almost all the businesses in India have become dynamic in terms of their work process to maximize their work performance. Surely, there are job profiles which only can be carried out by full-time employees. But there are also those profiles which can do well with contract employees and freelancers. Not only that it ensures a control in the budget but also helps in utilizing the best of talents. For example, an ambitious startup may fall in short of cash to hire a specialist full-timer whereas they can even go for a better prospect in case of freelance. With Indian govt. taking measure to encourage the entrepreneurial streak, Startups are gaining a god momentum and so are the freelancers. Now that the contract work process has also gained some traction in Indi a, Freelancers in Software development and other IT fields are in good demand too.
With all the above factors constantly pushing the envelope of scope for freelancers in India, barring the traditional fields we have tried to make a list of freelance jobs for you that are set to attract a great demand in 2017:
Content Marketers: With the burst in the field of Digital Marketing, a good content marketer is always in a great demand. While large firms can afford them small business are resorting to talented freelancers.
Tutors: A Tutor, be it any field, was always in a great demand. Now that India markets are slowly catching up the freelance trend this field is up for a major thrust.
Social Media Marketing (SMO):  A cousin of content marketing, Social media marketing is slowly gaining tractions is all set to demand attention.
Web Design:  A freelance superstar, Web Design has always been in great touch and always will. No surprises there.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Featured in LinkedIn’s top skills in 2017 for two straight years, SEO, just like SMO is the new hot skill out there.

So, that’s about it folks, If you are into any of the above fields, you are in for a good freelancecareer this year.

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